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Dream jobs Essay

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Dream jobs are crucial in a person’s life in order to maintain the ambition and drive for success. Without a dream job, a person has nothing to ultimately strive for, and nothing to put forth his full effort into. I have several dream jobs, some probably being impossible to reach, but aiming for the impossible never hurt anyone. I feel that being a being a basketball scout for any NBA or NCAA team and being an athletic director of a university are two dream jobs of mine that are certainly reachable. I keep these dream jobs in the back of my mind at all times, in order to remind myself to always take advantage of opportunities and work my hardest. Everyone should research into their dream job to learn about certain connections to make or just learn more about the job in general.

To be a scout for any professional or collegiate basketball team is a definite dream job of mine. It’s a job that many desire and, especially in the NBA, usually requires seve ral connections. To be a scout one must be very familiarized with the game and must know how to evaluate talent. Internships with any professional leagues or coaching experience are both valuable. The most important aspects, like a lot of jobs, are the connections that one can make during internships. Scott Simpson is an advanced scout for the New York Knicks.

According to his short biography provided on the Knicks team page, Simpson joined the Knicks in the summer of 2014 after serving five seasons with the Oklahoma City Thunder. He started as an assistant video coordinator and an opposition scout. He joined the Thunder following two seasons with the Houston Rockets as the basketball operations assistant, working daily

with the coaching staff while also assisting the front office with various projects including in-game and postgame statistical and analytics reports. Before his NBA career, Simpson spent two seasons as assistant coach at DePauw and at Cal State-Stanislaus. Clearly, Simpson took advantage of opportunities and worked extremely hard to get where he is today.

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Being an athletic director at a university is another one of my dream careers. Along with a graduate degree in a sports related field, athletic directors also must be skilled in many categories including business and communications. Again, finding internships is crucial with this occupation. Darryl Gross is the athletic director at Syracuse University. According to his biography on the Syracuse team page, prior to being director of athletics at Syracuse, Gross served as senior associate athletic director at the University of Southern California. At USC, “he directed contract discussions, served as the department’s spokesman, led marketing and corporate sponsorship efforts, negotiated television contracts, developed and contracted football and men’s basketball schedules, directed student-athlete academic services, and directly supervised 10 of the University’s 19 intercollegiate sports programs, among other responsibilities. “

Gross has both a master’s degree and Ph.D. in educational psychology from USC, as well as a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California at Davis. From 1982 to 1985 he was on the UC Davis football coaching staff, and even coached tennis for a year. Gross worked hard and put himself in a great position with little chance of failure. Researching about these dream jobs is informing and exciting. To accomplish working at a dream job is the ultimate form of success. I have thought about many future dream jobs, and what it would take to get to them. Being an NBA scout or a college athletic director are two jobs I would love to have when I’m older. Thinking about my dream jobs keeps me working and makes me a little afraid of failure, which I don’t think is ever a bad thing.

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