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Epistemology Essay Examples

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John Locke distinguished, in his Essay, “real essence” from “nominal essence.” Nominal essence, according to Locke, is the “abstract Idea to which the Name is annexed (III.vi.2).” Thus, the nominal essence of the name ‘gold’, Locke said, “is that complex Idea the word Gold stands for, let it be, for instance, a Body yellow, of…

In Twelve Angry Men Rose Shows That Doubt Is an Easier State of Mind Than Certainty

Set in the sweltering summer of 1954, Reginald Rose’s socially insightful play “Twelve Angry Men”, illustrates the dangers of a justice system that relies on twelve individuals to reach a “life or death” decision with collective states of minds hindered by “personal prejudice”. At the conception of the play, rose explores the idea that doubt…

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Epistemology is the investigation into the grounds and nature of knowledge. Found in the 1800’s From Old Greece forward, Plato, Socrates, and developmental ideas. Rationalism means the knowledge can be acquired through the use of reason and empiricism is obtained through experience. Externalism, empiricism, constructivism, and etc. Rene Descartes Immanuel Kant Aristotle Plato Locke Berkeley…



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How important is that we are certain about what we claim as knowledge?

How important is that we are certain about what we claim as knowledge? According to my opinion, it is crucial to identify what we claim as knowledge. The world has a lot of information but not all of them can be claimed as knowledge that is suitable to. Everything from your opinion to the life…

Mathematics & Natural Sciences with absolute certainty (TOK)

Write an essay outlining your personal response to this topic. “Mathematicians have the concept of rigorous proof, which leads to knowing something with complete certainty. Consider the extent to which complete certainty might be achievable in mathematics and the natural sciences.” To what extent can man use mathematics and the natural sciences to embrace the…

Explain what Plato meant by the Form of the Good

Plato was an Ancient Greek philosopher whose writings and theories have greatly influenced the development of Western philosophy. Perhaps his most famous theory is that of the Forms – pure ideas or concepts of what a THING is. It was Plato’s belief that as well as this world, the material world – or the world…

TOK – Does all knowledge require some kind of rational basis?

The knowledge issue presented in this question promotes the examination of the relationship between knowledge and reason. The question being explored is if reason is the only basis upon which knowledge can be constructed. The term knowledge is broad, but under the perimeters of the knowledge issue, it means to have certainty on a certain…

“Emotion is stronger than reason.”To what extent is this true in Human Science

People will make lots of decisions in their life, some of the decisions are emotional , and some are intellectual. From my point of view, I think emotion and reason are all important, and it’s depends on a specific situation and specific person to decide if it’s stronger or not.So my stance is neutral. If…

Augustine and Skepticism

Though considered one of the founders of theology, specifically in terms of Christianity, it is also widely accepted that St. Augustine played a large role in philosophy as well. In being familiar with total skepticism, the idea that nothing can be known, Augustine advised that this thought could be disproven in at least three distinct…

Working in a group

As noted in the lead group’s forum, “through observation, [Florence Nightingale] collected empirical evidence that supported her environmental theory and used it to develop evidence-based guidelines that other nurses faced with similar circumstances might find useful” (Selanders, 2010). Nightingale, in essence, was a pioneer to evidence-based nursing practice. She focused on the patient’s symptoms and…

Methodology is about the creation of knowledge

Methodology is about the creation of knowledge, and methods are the guiding principles for the creation of knowledge (Arbnor & Bjerke, 1997). A methodology is chosen based upon philosophical presumptions, such as background hypotheses, normative theories, conceptions, and paradigms. A methodology is chosen based upon how an interaction between presumptions and technical possibilities define and…

Can literature “tell the truth” better than other Arts or Areas of Knowledge? Essay

Even as children, people are on a never-ending quest for “the truth.” Anyone who has witnessed a toddler incessantly ask his mother “Why?” can attest to that. Writers, artists, and scientists all have methods of finding “truth” and telling it to others. While the standards for what truth can be vary between Areas of Knowledge,…

Doubt Essay

Shanley’s thought-provoking, multi-faceted play, Doubt, can be described simply as a battle of diametrically opposed wills and belief systems (mainly that of Sister Aloysius and Father Flynn), appropriately staged primarily in a “court-room style” setting. Those reading and watching the play are, in a way, forced to come to terms with and confront their principle…

A priori/ A posteriori differences

The terms a priori and a posteriori are used in philosophy to distinguish two different types of knowledge. A priori knowledge is independent of experience, for example all bachelors are unmarried men. We know this is a priori knowledge because we only have to understand the definitions in the phrase. From this we can draw…

Ways of Knowing in Nursing Practice

Multiple ways of knowing are employed in the discipline of nursing. Traditionally, four patterns of nursing knowledge, or ways of knowing, have been used in the field of nursing. These include empirics, or the science of nursing, esthetics, or the art of nursing, personal knowledge, and ethics (McEwen & Wills, 2011). By combining these ways…

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