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Privacy Is Lost Essay

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Do we have privacy anymore? Some people say we have no privacy and to simply get over it. Others believe that we have really became comfortable sharing our private information with others. After considering both sides of the issue, I strongly believe that privacy is lost. For instance, a web-savvy programmer can easily infiltrate your email account, replicate the coding, and pretend to be you.

In the article, “Take My Privacy, Please!” Ted Koppel widely discusses privacy with many examples of companies and systems designed to secure the confidential rights and private information. He presents the negative effects people who give all of their personal information to companies that may lose all of it. I really liked how the author started off his article by grabbing your attention right away. For Example, in the article it was interesting that he talked about the Onstar commercial. He reveals in a conversation between the Onstar assistant system, driver, and emergency services on how peculiar it is that they always know all of your information and exactly where you are.

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The reasoning for this position argument is for the general public to understand that some of their information isn’t so confidential. In the last part of his article he describes how many different companies lose customers valuable information. I agree with that because it’s odd to think that people put trust into companies with such private information. It should be mandatory that if a company loses a customers data they tell the customer right away. He knows that technology is useful, but the language he uses suggests he believes it takes advantage of the customer. Ted Koppel does a great job of structuring sentences with his tone in the article. He also does an exceptional job of highlighting how people’s privacy is invaded in everyday life.

Ted Koppel has a very sarcastic tone which throws you off as you read this story. There are both aspects that I liked and didn’t like from the article, but it was really cool how he started off his article by grabbing your attention right away. “The patriotic act- brilliant!” With this, you know what he will be talking about and its good that he relates his topic to something that happened earlier in history. After you read the introduction, the structure of the rest of the essay starts to weaken. Koppel adds in a commercial that is typed up on the page. Others may agree that they really don’t like how he did that. He could have just described the commercial, but he instead took the time to waste space on the page. The segment of the commercial was not necessary to add. Overall, this essay did have both strong and weak points.

Another thing that Koppel does well is the sentence structures that he uses in his essay that help with his tone. Every now and then he uses short abrupt transitions in the beginning of paragraphs to emphasize his thoughts that give a moment for the reader to think. Koppel uses dialogue in his article also. The dialogue that was added in the middle was very distracting and caused unnecessary line usage, but it gives people something to think about and they can relate to the commercial if they’ve seen it. People will believe what he has to say and take him more seriously, even though he used sarcastic and informal tone. The tone may have cost him some of his readers, but it was a convincing argument.

In my opinion Ted Koppel shows great examples to back up his thoughts. When the title, “Take My Privacy, Please!” is read you know right away the tone of the essay, sarcastic. This is a good title and it makes the reader more interested in reading the article. Ted Koppel has a sarcastic tone in his writing. I think that it helps make his point because it makes people think about how ridiculous technology has become. “There is no end to what we will endure, support, pay for and promote if only it makes our lives easier…” This just states how we would go to such extremes and go through such struggles just as long as we benefit from it in the end. The title alone is sarcastic, “Take my Privacy, Please!” He sets the tone of being ironic and it lets the reader know that he’s not being harsh or bitter, but he’s trying to put an important point across.

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