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Psychology Essay Examples

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Psychology of Terrorism

In his article, Vaisman-Tzachor (2006) discussed the most common misconceptions regarding terrorist profiling in forensic psychology. True, where effective forensic profiling techniques are absent, there is no place for effective counterterrorism strategies. In this context, the profiling criteria described by Vaisman-Tzachor (2006) are particularly interesting and important when applied to psychological profile of Osama Bin…

Becoming A Teacher

Watching these videos, I learned that teachers don’t always have it easy and it’s not always what it looks like, I know that it take a long time for the students to get comfortable with a new teacher and the teacher has to adjust to the new setting of the classroom. It takes a great…

Emotions Are Perfectly Permissible Signs of the Healthy Body’s Response to Stress

What are the essential factors that help to mould a person’s character? The formation of character begins from the early childhood. Of course family plays significant part in character building. Carrying out some simple duties, the child is accustomed to respect and love work, to feel responsibility for the charged business. Under the influence of…



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University and Ragging

If conducted in a friendly manner ragging can be a good way of interaction between seniors and juniors, but there have been many instances of painful ragging and I students shudder at the thought of going to the college on the first day The feeling of finally completing school and standing on the threshold of…

Psychology of Language

To briefly introduce the topic, this reaction paper is reflective of David W. Caroll’s book, entitled: ‘Psychology of Language’, which was published in 2008 by Thomson and Wadsworth Publishing. The three selective chapters of the book, namely Chapters 4, 9 and 14 will be the main focus of discussion. As a synopsis of the book,…

Psychology of Personality

Psychology of personality is a branch of psychology that focuses on the study of personality and the individual differences. The main areas of focus are usually looking at individual’s psychological processes, the individual differences and studying how human behavior is similar. Personality is usually defined as well organized and dynamic set of characteristics possessed by…

Psychology of Racism

In 1892, a shoe maker named Homer Plessy from New Orleans Louisiana was arrested for refusing to transfer to a railroad car designated for the dark-colored population in the East Louisiana Railroad after he sat in a first class railroad car meant for the white-skinned constituents of the state. Plessy appealed that he should be…

Psychology of Motivation Assignment

Upon examining my inner self, I have realized that I have a couple of behavioral excesses that I want to decrease. Firstly, I have realized that I have the tendency to delay things and wait for the deadline to be near before I do my assignments, both at home and in school. Though I still…

Psychology in the News

Adolescent has always been considered a period of experimentation and risk taking. It is a time when teenagers become extremely aware of themselves and their bodies, leading to problems with regard to body image, self-esteem and negative emotions in general. One disturbing trend in the American society is adolescent suicide. In June 2009, news item…

My Goals for Introductory Psychology

It is my hope that this introduction into psychology will open new ways of understanding how our minds work and the impact our mental processes have on our everyday lives. My goal is to learn how to become a more insightful reader and thinker across disciplines so that I can apply this new knowledge to…

Psychology Matters

It is a fact that society is dealing with numerous problems at this time, which includes violence, poverty, and health issues. More and more people who engage in violent acts are being shown in the news. It does not even matter how young or old these people are because age is not a factor in…

Psychology of Adolescence

BoysTown is a registered charity and a national organization for youth welfare in Australia. It focuses on helping disadvantaged youths who are at risk of social exclusion to enhance their quality of life (“Youth social”). It recognizes several causes of social exclusion among disadvantaged youths that need to be addressed, which include single parenthood, low…

Psychology of Alcohol

The word “impulsivity” means the inability for one to control his or her actions (the loss of choice). The impulsion to consume alcohol spans across all age groups and all sexes. This is caused by both physical and psychological conditions ranging from peer pressure to depression. It has since become a very serious problem contributing…

Psychology Exercise

A research question was proposed to a student asking why teenagers have more difficulty focusing their attention early in the morning when compared to that of younger children. After carefully considering the evidence in each choice option, the following were ranked in order the most convincing to the least convincing: 1. Thirty well-designed studies published…

Essay on Psychopathology and Abnormal Psychology

One of the most controversial aspects of society throughout history can be seen in the way society views people with illnesses. Often times, people persecute their fellowmen just because they do not seem “normal” or they seem to “not belong” with the current society. These problems have led to the development of a branch of…

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